I have helped many lawyers and their families to overcome challenges. I can help you too.

Imagine enjoying everything you’ve worked so hard for. Let’s get you started today.

“Having Bena by your side is like a secret weapon. Some people have religion and faith to fight adversity; for the skeptic and lawyers out there, who are always waiting for the other shoe to drop, there is Bena.”
I.T. lawyer client

Many lawyers struggle with these issues at some point in their career.

• Anxiety and stress
• Addiction
• Depression
• Career dissatisfaction
• Relationship conflict
• Anger management
• Time management

Start feeling better today.

Speaking & Courses

Bena brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise and humour to every course she hosts, and is trusted by law firms and legal organizations locally, nationally, and internationally.
What people say about Bena’s courses:

“Thank you so much Bena for designing a course that wasn't just informative, engaging, and interactive, but a program that attracted the highest number of registrants in CLEBC's 45 year history!"
Rob Seto, Director of Programs CLEBC

“One of the very best speakers ever. Pleasant, clear, informative, practical and empathetic. I would love to attend further programs where she is speaking.”
CLE BC participant