Behind the polished exterior of many confident lawyers is often anxiety, depression, and addiction.

Endless client demands, challenging opposing counsel, and stress at home can all contribute to anxiety and depression. Stigma holds many lawyers back from seeking support.

I understand how difficult it is to ask for help when you’re the expert at solving other people’s problems. But everyone experiences challenges in life and lawyers are no different. Many people seek counselling to navigate adversity. As a counsellor and former lawyer, I have personal experience and understanding of what you may be encountering. I get “it.” I’ve been there. I help overwhelmed, stressed lawyers and their families regain their lives, and I can help you.

Counselling offers you a confidential space to share your thoughts, emotions, and ideas without judgment. It is an opportunity to better understand yourself and others, and gain clarity.

"Bena is the lawyer whisperer.”
G.H. lawyer client

Areas of Expertise:

• Anxiety and stress
• Depression
• Relationship issues
• Self-confidence
• Anger management
• Career and life transitions
• Addiction
• Time management
• Career planning, including career transition and advancement

Available at a rate of $175 per 60-minute session for individuals and $262.50 per 90-minute session for couples.

Counselling can help you:

• Better understand yourself
• Work through challenges
• Identify strengths
• Set and attain goals
• Deepen relationships
• Work toward desired change